FOREST PARK — Traffic on Old Dixie Road was stopped in both directions Aug. 15 while Georgia Power crews removed fallen low-power lines that stretched across all lanes.

Forest Park Police say the incident happened shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday at 5001 Old Dixie Road when a heavy-duty tow truck was lifting a box truck and snagged the line. The wooden pole hung down from the wires, blocking the right southbound lane just south of the Forest Parkway Zesto.

Traffic was thick but moving well by 10 a.m. as officers blocked the southbound lanes. Northbound traffic was routed onto First Street onto Springdale Road and back out to Forest Parkway.

Georgia Power crews cut off the power. Then AT&T and New Image examined the damage and got busy extricating the truck from the wires, chainsawing the downed pole, and removing large bolts in the relentless heat.

An AT&T employee said this had been their fourth or fifth pole repair of the day and that they had another one waiting. Normally, he said, “It’s onesie-twosies.”

Shortly after 11 a.m., officers on scene had reopened all but the right southbound lane.

No injuries were reported.

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