RIVERDALE — Southern Regional Medical Center has earned the 2019 Mission: Lifeline Gold Achievement Award.

The hospital earned the award by meeting specific criteria and standards of performance for quick and appropriate treatment through emergency procedures to re-establish blood flow to blocked arteries in heart attack patients as outlined by the American Heart Association.

“Southern Regional has been a pioneer in providing quality cardiac care to the Southern Crescent community,” said Dr. Vikram Mandadi, Southern Regional Medical Center chief medical officer and interventional cardiologist. “Earning the Gold standard for cardiac care shows that we continue to meet and exceed these standards for the best possible outcomes for our patients.”

Every year, more than 250,000 people experience an ST elevation myocardial infarction, the deadliest type of heart attack, caused by a blockage of blood flow to the heart that requires timely treatment. To prevent death, it’s critical to restore blood flow as quickly as possible, either by mechanically opening the blocked vessel or by providing clot-busting medication.

“Southern Regional is dedicated to providing optimal care for heart attack patients and this award reflects the hard work and commitment of our cardiovascular team,” said Charlotte W. Dupré, president and CEO of Southern Regional Medical Center. “We are pleased to be recognized for our achievements in cardiac care through Mission: Lifeline and are proud to continue to provide the highest level of care for heart attack patients.”

Education reporter Heather Middleton joined the Clayton News and Henry Herald in 2002.

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