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Third lawsuit filed against Clayton County Sheriff's Office, Victor Hill

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JONESBORO — The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, Southern Center for Human Rights and the ACLU have filed a federal lawsuit against Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill and members of the CCSO staff.

The suit was filed on behalf of four jail inmates: Rhonda Jones, Randolph Mitchell, Michael Singleton and Barry Watkins. The class action complaint alleges the Clayton County jail is understaffed, unsanitary and is failing to respond “reasonably to the known risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in the Clayton County jail.”

The complaint goes on to state the jail’s cells are overcrowded and

that jail employees have not provided protective equipment, basic sanitation and personal hygiene or allowing for social distancing. Furthermore, CCSO employees are alleged to have failed to implement a “reasonable process for identifying, testing and isolating COVID-19 infection,” educating detainees about the disease and identifying medically vulnerable and disabled people and protecting them.

In addition to Hill, Chief Deputy Roland Boehrer, Jail Administrator Terrance Gibson, Jail Security Operations Section Commander Kevin Thomas and Jail Security Operations Section Commander Maurice Johnson have been named defendants in the suit.

In a statement issued via the CCSO Nixle, Alan Parker said “there is no outbreak of COVID-19 in our facility.” Parker is serving as the legal advisor for the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

ATLANTA – The Southern Center for Human Rights and the ACLU of Georgia have filed a lawsuit under the Georgia Open Records Act against Victor Hill, the sheriff of Clayton County. The lawsuit alleges that Hill violated the Georgia Open Records Act by declining to provide public documents showing, among other things: (1) the number of people who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the Clayton County Jail, and (2) the number of people who have been tested for the virus.

He states he has reviewed the allegations of the lawsuit “and we will vigorously defend against this lawsuit in a court of law, not in the press.”

He added that the media “has falsely exaggerated the facts to suit their story.”

The lawsuit requests the CCSO to release or transfer all medically vulnerable or disability subclass members to home confinement or other safe location and reasonably mitigate the conditions in the jail that “facilitate the spread of COVID-19, including by implementing social distancing measures, providing personal protecting equipment and releasing certain detainees”

Additionally, the suit is asking the defendants to provide safe and sanitary conditions of confinement to plaintiffs and other class members, with “heightened protections for detainees who are susceptible to serious and/or fatal COVID-19 infections.”

Plaintiffs are also requesting attorney’s fees, expenses and cost of litigation.

This is the third federal lawsuit filed against Hill and the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

In late June, Butts County businessman Glenn Howell filed suit alleging excessive force in violation of the 14th Amendment’s due process clause and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In early June, the Southern Center for Human Rights and the ACLU of Georgia filed a lawsuit under the Georgia Open Records Act against Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill.

The lawsuit alleges that Hill violated the Georgia Open Records Act by declining to provide public documents showing, among other things: (1) the number of people who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the Clayton County Jail, and (2) the number of people who have been tested for the virus.

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I am very disappointed that Mr. Alan Parker would blatantly deny the allegations made concerning the condition of the jail. What is bing said about the condition of the jail is true. The facility is filthy. The inmates were given towels to use because no mask have been issued to them if they are not being booked into the facility. There are 3 or more to a cell. On their laundry day, their sheets are taken at night leaving the ones that do have a bed having to sleep on mattresses that are cracked and in turn cut into their skin. The showers are a big issue when it comes to hygiene. Most of the time there is no hot water. The showers are filthy to include seamen all over the walls and floor that is never cleaned. Inmates request to be seen by medical department and are never addresses. The food is not fit to be given to animals. They are talked to as if they are not human. These things anger me to no end. Inmates are human beings just like you and I. We’ve all made mistakes, but at the end of the day, we are all GOD’s children!!! I love Sheriff Hill and have been a huge supporter of him since day one. I appreciate many of the things he has done to make a County a better place to live, work, and play. I am proud to say that our Sheriff doesn’t play. At the same time, the treatment of the inmates and the condition of the jail is something that “NEEDS” to be addressed. This is a plea for help for the inmates of the Clayton County Jail!!! Things don’t have to be this way for those who have made mistakes to learn their lesson. Thank you.


It must be elections time in Clayton County. Every elections we can count on the anti Hill folks to come out with the same accusations. Ever since he challenged the:Good old Boys " establishment and started locking up the criminal elements in our county we have gotten used to the show. He will be reelected once again. Thank you guys for firing up Victor's supporters. Keep it up.


I don't care for Sheriff Victor Hill at all. However, everyone that I've met will say

they hate Gothem City.aka The Hilton. Evidently someone is doing their job right. All these crybabies saying they got Covid-19 from the jail .How about the 1000's of inmates subjected to Tuberculosis?


Victor Hill has always been a corrupt Sheriff. But thanks to Christopher Wray And J.C Hacker, he is coming down. He does a lot of undercover dirt. And his staff is the same. But no choice look at the leader. He breaks jurisdiction. He will double punish you. He is just an evil man. He will entrap you. The list goes on. But thank you to everyone one in support of stopping this corrupt Sheriff. P.S How did he when this sheriff election. No one in clayton county GA is supporting him. Thanks for your time reading this post.


I really think that you have a personal animosity toward the Sheriff. To state that "no one " in the county like him is false. He reelected twice and anytime he comes up for reelection we get these frivolous lawsuits. Let me be clear. No one that have committed a crime or have a family member or friend that committed a crime likes him. If you don't want to be in the jail environment don't commit crimes in our county, period.


Everyone keeps saying he’s locking up the criminals well DeKalb county Fulton County Henry County they all lock up criminals too. The difference is they don’t treat them like animals the funny thing is we’re so happy when we got a HNIC so call keeping the Black people and check. Just because you’re in jail does not mean you don’t have rights as a person and that you’re not a human being. How can you uphold the law and break it at the same time I went to Clayton County for a traffic ticket and The staff was nasty from the door talking to the inmates like they were animals that’s not acceptable. But that’s what you guys like. Just remember one day it might be one of your relatives that’s in the Hilton hotel that gets Assaulted by the staff or have to sleep on the floor or get food that should not be consumed by the human body because it’s rotted and spoiled. Who ever thinks what he’s doing is right you’re less than a human being yourself. I am glad that someone finally decided to stand up for the inmates in this facility and stop allowing victor hill and the Clayton County sheriffs Department violate these inmates rights

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