Frightmore and Morrow

Dear Editor:

As City Manager of Morrow I felt the need to clarify a few things of importance, given the press coverage of the Frightmore location and your recent opinion written on October 3, 2012, but to answer your headline question, no you are not the enemy at least I don't think so. I can only speak for myself and as a public official I do not have a problem reading the truth or what happens when you actually report the truth and what happens in its entirety, not the bits and pieces that make your story more sensational. You call it reporting the truth when in actuality, at least in this case, your paper reported half truths.

We all know with any story there are two sides and unfortunately the author of the Friday article in News Daily never approached our Planning and Economic Development Director, Michael McLaughlin, or me for the City of Morrow side of the story. You failed to report crucial facts and that's misleading.

The story in this case is not what the City requires, the story is the fact the Mr. Rayl thought the requirements were so unnecessary that he is willing to put his customers, which may mostly be children, at risk. The story is Mr. Rayl believes he is so special he doesn't need to follow the rules and meet the requirements but only request special treatment and tell his false statements to the media, but the free publicity is good right?

To address the statement that was made by the owner of Frightmore, that Frightmore was not wanted in Morrow. What Michael McLaughlin told Mr. Rayl, as Mr. Rayl worked to corner both elected officials and employees at 8 p.m. after a community meeting, only two days after he submitted his application to city hall, in a parking lot, was he does not want him here (in the parking lot) discussing business.

Stay Informed

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