Let’s consider some real news, for a change: Last year was officially proclaimed the fourth-warmest on record; scientists predict that melting ice in Antarctica and Greenland could not only raise sea levels but further destabilize weather patterns; and progressive members of Congress are proposing a “Green New Deal,” the first policy framework ambitious enough to meet the challenge of global warming.

There are 8.5 million Virginians. Surely the commonwealth can find someone to serve as governor whose yearbook page does not prominently feature a picture of a broadly grinning young white man in blackface and another wearing Ku Klux Klan robes.

Chances are, that if you’ve ever heard me speak more than once, you’ve heard me tell the inspiring story of working with Darrell Waltrip in 1989 when he won his only Daytona 500 by taking a big gulp of a risk.

Roosevelt and Hinckley By Ronda Rich Until the presidential election of 1988, Daddy, who always cherished his right to vote, had never cast a ballot for a non-Democrat. He was, as was most mountain kin of ours, what folks in the South call “a yellow dog Democrat.” In other words, they would vote for a yellow dog as long as he was a Democrat


It is now January, which is named after the Roman goddess Janus who has two heads, affording him the opportunity to look forward and backward at the same time.

Always, as we enter into a new year, I like to look back at the past year and reflect on the memories, especially the good ones.

For the new year, critics of President Trump should resolve not to be intimidated by the potential wrath of his vaunted political base. The only one who should cower before the Make America Great Again legions is Trump himself.

Every two years the General Assembly meets in December at the University of Georgia. This “Biennial,” as it is called, is a time to get to know each other, break bread and start talking about the issues ahead. It is a happy and cordial time, when Republicans and Democrats can fellowship together before difficult votes are cast.

I didn’t just browse. I studied it. I wished with all my heart. Over and over, I read the descriptions. I turned pages down and then I would get a piece of notebook paper and write down the toy or other item, the catalog number and the price.

Every Christmas, when I decorate the crystal-laden tree in our bedroom, I hold up, one at a time, each of the three ornaments that are tinkling bells, ring them and say, “Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

President Trump was up early Monday morning, tweeting falsely that investigators have found “No Smocking Gun” that proves he did anything wrong. He meant “smoking,” of course. His vision must be clouded by the haze.

It’s interesting how a simple task will bring back a tumbling of memories and love by touching a tiny piece of tenderness tucked down deep.

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When Miss Independence arrived at the two-story brick elementary school, I walked determinedly through the doors, found a classroom and settled in.

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I remember especially the first newspaper story of mine that Phil Hudgins edited.

It wasn’t a blue trickle, but nor was it a tsunami. Rather, the midterm elections brought a gentle, purplish wave of mostly center-leaning Democrats whose profiles suggest a welcome infusion of professionalism and balance to a disorderly House.

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Sometimes the greatest gift we can give is a moment of kindness when we stop and listen to those who are facing, as my daddy would say, the setting of the sun.

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It is a sight to behold, one that never fails to bring a smile or a laugh to me. One lost dog led us to another and, thankfully, both had a happy ending.

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Roosevelt was of the privileged New York elite, so he had no idea how the poverty-plagued Southern region was forced to live. What he saw there would change his heart – and his changed heart would transform all of America during the dark days of the Depression.

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition of Georgia (PHIC) encourage all parents to fully vaccinate their children, ages 6 months and older, each year against influenza.

To be sure, leadership is very difficult to define. There is a certain elusive mysteriousness about it. There is no set formula.

If Brett Kavanaugh is eventually confirmed to the Supreme Court, Republican senators will be sending a clear message to women who accuse powerful men of sexual misconduct: Tell your story if you must, then shut up and go away.

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