Letter: Donald Trump best choice to protect America from terrorists

Dear Editor:

In his Wednesday, June 15, column, Cal Thomas said it as it should be: “We should declare war on terrorists.”

Not only should Congress do its duty, when asked by the president, and declare war on the terrorists, the” declaration of war” should be a blanket declaration, declaring war on ISIS, the Taliban, and all other terrorist organizations that may arise to threaten America, our way of life and our personal safety.

Jan. 20, 2017, America will have a new commander-in-chief; that commander-in-chief should ask Congress for a blanket declaration of war against all terrorist organizations who conduct war against America, off or on our soil.

We have had two recent acts of war committed here in America, our homeland, killings scores of Americans.

In the latest, in Orlando, ISIS praised their solider!

The recent attacks on Americans in America, brings you, the American voter, to the question of who should be our new commander-in-chief. Should it be Hillary Clinton, who has said she would not put “boots on the ground” even if terrorists attacked America? Or should it be Donald Trump, who has said he would bomb the hell out of ISIS, a.k.a. bomb ISIS’s soldiers to hell? And you can believe Donald Trump would send boots to dispatch those whom the bombing did not so dispatch.

Who would be most likely to ask Congress for a blanket declaration of war against all terrorist organizations, present and future? Who would ask Congress to stipulate that no quarter be given when attacking a terrorist soldier, and ask that such a stipulation be accompanied by companion legislation authorizing the death penalty for planning an attack on, or executing an attack in, America or going to a foreign country, receiving military training/training and then returning to America?

Such a declaration of war and companion legislation would put a crimp in the ability of terrorist organizations to recruit. As a result, there would be no prisoners to imprison or detainees to be tried. With no terrorist soldiers in our prisons or jails, there would be no reason for a terrorist group to take hostages and demand the release of their soldiers.

The question for you, the American voter, is who would best protect America and the American people from being attacked by a terrorist soldier of any terrorist organization or by any American who would subscribe to a terrorist organization’s way of thinking and attack fellow Americans?

From their statement concerning how they would react to an attack by an ISIS’s soldiers against Americans in America, my vote for our new commander-in-chief will be for Donald Trump.

Perhaps after considering their statements and the recent terrorist attacks in California and Florida, the majority of Americans will vote to give the job of commander-in-chief to Donald Trump!

Bill Smith


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