LETTER: Is being called ‘unfit’ a good luck charm?

Dear Editor:

Looking back at my collection of political articles, I noticed one dated Wednesday, Aug. 2, captioned: “Obama calls Trump ‘Unfit,’ urges GOP to end Support.” And stated, “ GOP’s nominee lacks basic knowledge.”

I though wow, listen to that! It appears President Obama has forgotten that during the 2008 Democratic primary, Joe Biden called then Sen. Obama “unfit” to be president. Then Obama chose Biden to be is running mate, which showed a lack of basic political knowledge. That lack of basic political knowledge had no effect on the voters or they had forgotten Biden’s assessment of Obama. The voters elected Obama to office in 2008 and again in 2012, assuming that if he had not gained basic knowledge in picking a running mate, at least a basic knowledge in foreign policy, and recognition of a clear and present danger to America and its people.

It a appears that after four years as president, President Obama is lacking in the basic knowledge of evaluating danger to America, when ISIS appeared as a terrorist group, Obama said they were JV league players, a JV team of terrorist.

I can only conclude that being called ‘unfit” for the presidency is a good luck charm. It has worked twice for President Obama; perhaps it will work for presidential candidate Trump. If so, Trump will have two terms as president.

Should Trump become president — I will wager my vote for him that he will — I am confident he will immediately know a danger to America when it arises be it from a terrorist group, which is a threat to America and the American people or trading partners making an effort to take advantage of America and its people, via unfair trade agreements.

Yes, I am hopeful that being called “unfit” to be president is a good luck charm, which will continue to work its magic and Donald Trump will be elected president.


Bill Smith


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