Letter: Politicians are to blame for rise of Donald Trump

Dear Editor:

With his May 4, column, “Whom to blame for Trump,” Cal Thomas hit the “political nail” on the head! He placed the blame for the rise of Donald Trump where it belongs: on the status quo, politicians who are not aware of the sad condition American is in, who are only aware of their position in government or the party.

The politicians, who have been active in an effort to find a way to stop Trump, may find they have found a way to lose their seat in Congress, as they face the voters who voted for Trump, voters who believe in decent and respectful treatment of a candidate, even if the candidate is not your favorite, and Trump was not the party’s favorite elephant!

When George McGovern was defeated for the presidency, he was asked which special interest groups, what issues lead to his defeat. He replied, “None of those, what defeated me was letters to the editor.”

Letters to the editor are the citizens’ voice, and they can, and have, made or broken candidates seeking election or reelection to an office.

For the record, I voted for Ted Cruz in the Georgia Presidential Primary. I am very unhappy with the effort of Republican Party leaders to stop Trump. Especially, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) prior to Trump’s becoming the presumptive nominee, and I am most unhappy with Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his inability to decide whether or not he will support Trump, who will surely be the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

Given Sen. Mitch McConnell’s short-sighted effort to stop Trump and Congressman Ryan’s inability to decide if he will support Trump, I find both Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan unworthy of the office they hold, and shall make an effort, via letters to the editor, in their respective states, to have the voters dump Sen. McConnell and Congressman Paul Ryan, as each ask the voters to return them to Congress.

Now that Trump will be the Republican Party’s nominee for president, all Republican members of Congress and party officials should support Trump now!

The majority of voters, in the Republican Party, have said that Trump is their favorite elephant.

It time for the party leaders to accept the choice of the people, and back Trump, and go for victory in November.

Any Republican office-holder or party official who doesn’t support and unite behind Trump is unworthy of the office elected or appointed which they hold and should be removed, by the voters when it’s an elected office-holder, and the party mechanism when it is a party- elected position within the party.

Bill Smith


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