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You prefer the simplicity and the spending limit security of a debit card, but you also like the cash-back rewards associated with credit cards. Zero, a San Francisco financial startup, may have the perfect card for you.

The Zerocard is a unique blend of debit and credit card. Zero's full package is composed of a credit card, a corresponding checking account, and a mobile app that serves as an interface between the two. (The mobile app is currently only available on iOS, but an Android version is expected by August 2019.)

To get the hybrid credit and debit card experience, you must activate the automatic payment feature. Instead of accumulating charges like a typical credit card, Zerocard simply deducts the charged amount from your Zero Checking account. The app allows you to track both the charges and your net checking account balance in real time.

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Understanding Credit vs. Debit Cards

Surprise! Debit Cards Have Fees

Why Credit Cards Are So Popular


If you can get something either with or without a fee, why would you ever pay the fee? Unless you just enjoy throwing money away, you'd have to get something of value in return to justify the fees.

A recent survey from Discover, a major issuer of no-fee credit cards, investigated fees and their effects on credit card usage. The survey showed that consumers with no-annual-fee credit cards were twice as likely to be satisfied with their card than consumers with annual-fee cards (70% to 35%) – suggesting that consumers aren't getting a sufficient return for the fees that they pay.

Surveys typically show that between two-thirds and three-quarters of credit cards don't charge annual fees. According to the How To Evaluate A Credit Card Offer

Millions Of Americans Using Outdated Credit Cards

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Who doesn't love cash back rewards? We all enjoy the feeling of getting something back with our purchases, and credit card companies know this. They offer rewards programs as incentives – and a recent survey from shows that cash back programs are the most attractive variety.

Almost one-third (31%) of survey respondents chose 3% cash back on all purchases as their preferred option. That's nearly double the percentage that preferred a $500 sign-up bonus (17%) or an eighteen-month 0% intro APR on purchases (14%). Cash back was preferred almost three-to-one over a 21-month 0% intro APR period on balance transfers or a $1,200 sign-up bonus good for airfare and hotel usage. Check out our list of cash back credit card offers.

However, rewards come at a price. Cr...

Millions Of Americans Using Outdated Credit Cards

Why Credit Cards Are So Popular

Most Important Credit Card Rewards


The news of Kroger charging customers for cash back has stirred outrage on social media, but the new policy will not take effect in Atlanta-area supermarkets. At least not yet, according to a Kroger Atlanta Division spokesperson Felix Turner, who covers Georgia, Eastern Alabama and South Carolina.