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Passing a florist truck, I couldn’t help but notice the advertisement on the side of the vehicle. The advertisement read, “Flowers Whisper How You Feel.”

"Forgiveness" in the time of Covid usually refers to loans, as in TD Bank's recent announcement that, pending new information, it was no longe…


As I was thinking about the new year, I recalled the late columnist Lewis Grizzard and one of his lists of new year’s resolutions. In speaking of them, he said, “The secret of new year’s resolutions is making an easy list.”

“Moses is dead; Joshua carried on!“ So read the editorial caption in the evening paper “Chronicles” dated 1200 B.C. Though the headline is ancient, what better subject for a new year’s message in 2021?

“Dreamer!” What do we think of when we hear this word? The dictionary defines “dreamer” as “an impractical person,” and that’s what numbers of us think.