Jonesboro High's Rasheed Singleton was named to All-Region First Team this season.

JONESBORO - The All-Region 3-AAAAA list has been revealed with numerous Clayton County athletes making this list this year.

Unfortunately, no athlete from the area made offensive, defensive or special teams player of the year honors. No coaches from the Clayton County area were named the Coach of the Year either but that doesn't overshadow the recognition's given.

Offensive Player of the Year: QB Darshaveious Foster, Griffin, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year: DL Damarjhe Lewis, Griffin, Sr.

Special Teams Player of the Year: PK Evan Rogers, Whitewater, Sr.

Coach of the Year: Chad Phillips, Starr's Mill

First-Team Offense

QB - Keyshawn Early, Jonesboro, Sr.

RB - Aalijah King, Griffin, Sr.

RB - Malik Harris, Riverdale, Jr.

RB - Kalen Sims, Starr's Mill, Sr.

WR - Rasheed Singleton, Jonesboro, Sr.

WR - Jamoi Mayes, Griffin, Sr.

WR - Terrell Jester, Griffin, Sr.

OL - Grayson Bullard, Whitewater, Sr.

OL - Tyson McClendon, Riverdale, Sr.

OL - Lorenzo Clemons, Griffin, Sr.

OL - Joseph Rampey, Starr's Mill, Jr.

OL - Bryan Ferguson, Griffin, Sr.

K - Christian Castillo, Starr's Mill, Sr.

First-Team Defense

DL - Davion Westmoreland, Griffin, Sr.

DL - Terry Brown, Whitewater, Sr.

DL - Emmanuel Orusa, Fayette County, Sr.

DL - Chris King, Riverdale, Sr.

LB - William Tims, Jonesboro, Sr.

LB - Jaden Echols, Griffin, Sr.

LB - Micah Binford, Whitewater, Sr.

LB - Mike Scandrett, Riverdale, Sr.

DB - Cole Bishop, Starr's Mill, Jr.

DB - Walter Forte, Jonesboro, Sr.

DB - Jeff Johnson, Griffin, Jr.

DB - Derwin Burgess, Riverdale, Jr.

P - Adrien Richez, McIntosh, Sr.

Second-Team Offense

QB - Avaun Rucker, Riverdale, Jr.

RB - Phalen Daniels, Riverdale, Sr.

RB - Ben Bodne, Starr's Mill, Sr.

RB - Isaiah Rice, Jonesboro, Sr.

WR - Tremaine Moore, Riverdale, Sr.

WR - Aaron Jones, Whitewater, Jr.

WR - Quamari Williams, Griffin, Jr.

OL - Robert Clarke, McIntosh, Sr.

OL - Leo Riley, Riverdale, Sr.

OL - Darrius Pullins, Jonesboro, Jr.

OL - James Forbes, Fayette County, Jr.

OL - Jaxon Via, Starr's Mill, Sr.

K - William Mason, McIntosh, Jr. 

Second-Team Defense

DL - Barrett Schmidlkofer, Starr's Mill, So.

DL - Trevor Golubeff, Whitewater, Sr.

DL - Davari Wright, Griffin, Jr.

DL - TJ Hill, Whitewater, So.

LB - Ben Anderson, McIntosh, Jr.

LB - Wes Haney, Starr's Mill, Jr.

LB - Stephen Domaleski, Whitewater, Sr.

LB - Vee Holcomb, Starr's Mill, Jr.

DB - Jordan Favors, Griffin, Jr.

DB - Kevin Wilcher, Whitewater, Sr.

DB - Burton Hahn, McIntosh, Sr.

DB - Jonathan Higle, Starr's Mill, Jr.

P - Gavin Necessary, Starr's Mill, Jr.

Honorable mention: Fayette County - QB Jekobe Coleman, RB Miles Montgomery, OL Matthew Gilliam, DL Jordan Bridges, LB Fred Claridy, DB Marc Stampley, DB Nicholas Price. Griffin - WR Cameron Kelsey, OL Gerald Pope, K Morgan Roberson, DL Terez Driver, LB Colin Odom, DB Prince Green, DB Brandon Calloway, DB Dahron Foster, P Alex Roberson, LB Jacob Hammonds. Jonesboro - QB Tremir Alexis, WR Reno Brown, WR Marques Dunn, DL Curtis Bowden, DL Kanye Varner, DL Jeremiah Hood, LB Laquavious Williams, LB Cameron Leonard, DB Ahlik Booker, P Anthony Lobo. McIntosh - RB Dominic Cosper, WR Andrew Villiger, DL Jeffrey Burrell, RB Matthew Allum, LB Nathan Anderson, QB Hayes Herzog. Riverdale - QB Fred Collins, WR Derwin Burgess, OL Khalil Payton, DL Pearce Brown, LB Chris Giles, OL Jarell Walton, LB Joshua Cooper, DB Jakhil Whippel. Starr's Mill - QB Hunter Lawson, RB Karsen Kalen, OL Jeff Tiller, OL Cole Sanders, DL Jackson Baxley. Whitewater - RB Silas Rhodes, OL John Raines, DL Kyle Morris, DB Daeveon Buie, P Brennen Schmitt, QB Maddox Mueller

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