LOVEJOY — Basketball is creeping up for the 2018-19 season but the wheels of the season officially began to turn with the Clayton County Basketball media day at Lovejoy High School Wednesday.

The media day featured all of Clayton County’s schools with their boys and girls programs including the 2017-18 class AAAAAA state champion Lovejoy Lady Wildcats. Among the schools, top talent was also on display for the season with notable names in girls basketball making an appearance.

Forest Park’s Sania Feagin enters the season ranked No. 12 according to ESPN for 2021 athletes, Anaya Boyd is ranked as well for Lovejoy High at No. 35 in the class of 2020.

Across the program, coaches were stating their expectations for their programs this year while the only coach that wasn’t in attendance was Jonesboro coach Dan Maehlman.

“Each season is new, what we did last year has nothing to do with what we’re going to do this year,” Lovejoy Lady Wildcats head coach Cedric King said. “We come in with the same goal every year to get better on the court and off the court. We come in with the same mission this year — to win the last game. That has not wavered since I’ve been here.”

Morrow High was one of the two teams to move in region classifications ahead of the new year. Jonesboro moved down in the region classifications.

“We’re coming back to this region,” Morrow Mustangs head coach Creswell Foy said. “When I first started in 2012-13 we were here. We moved to 5-A and now we’re back in 6-A and we’re happy that we can play a majority of the Clayton County schools. We’re going to have fun this year.”

Forest Park is one of the other girls’ programs in the county that will be looking for revenge. After a loss to M.L. King in the region tournament ended their season the expectations for the program are high.

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