Rasheed Singleton wants to improve as a wide receiver or even a cornerback in his final season at Jonesboro High.

JONESBORO — One of the Cardinals’ most underrated athletes entering this season isn’t new to the field of play but in his senior season, he’ll be a gamechanger.

Rasheed Singleton was a walking highlight reel for Jonesboro as a junior on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Singleton was doing as much as he could for the Cardinals. But he’s still underrated and often overlooked.

The way his recruitment has gone proves as much. He doesn’t have any offers, but he expects his hard work to eventually pay off this season. But even though many are looking at their recruitment and wondering what-if, Singleton wants to set an example.

“My motivation for the season would have to be to set an example,” Singleton said. “More for the underclassman on how Jonesboro football needs to be played.”

The start of 2018 was tough as well for Singleton. He looked back at how he didn’t understand coverages like the cover two that’s popular amongst defenses, but he accepted the flaw he had. Singleton worked on how the play was run and why the play flowed the way it did.

On the other side of the ball, he also worked on improving his route running as a receiver. Singleton took some time out to learn how to improve as a receiver while he’s working to give 110 percent on every play and every practice.

“In 2018 I realized as I receiver that I need to have the ability to read coverages and that route running means a lot to a receiver,” Singleton said. “As a cornerback, I feel like guarding a receiver would be easier for me because I can relate to a receiver and how they run their routes.”

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